Chapter Outlines For Gov 2305

Course Outline

Test I     

Chapter 1    Introducing Government in America   
Chapter 2.   The Constitution

Test II   

Chapter 3.   Federalism
Chapter 4.
   Civil Liberties and Public Policy 
Chapter 5.
   Civil Rights and Public Policy

Test III

Chapter 12.   Congress
Chapter 13.   The President
Chapter 15.   The Bureaucracy

Chapter 16.   The Federal Courts

Test IV   

Chapter 6.     Public Opinion and Political Action
Chapter 7.     The Mass Media and the Political Agenda 

Chapter 8.     Political Parties
Chapter 9.     Nominations and Campaigns

Chapter 10.   Elections and Voting Behavior
Chapter 11.   Interest Groups


The following Chapters will not be in your test:
Chapter 14: The Congress, The President, and the Budget

Chapter 17.   Economics Policymaking
Chapter 18    Social Welfare Policymaking
Chapter 19.   Policymaking for Health Care and the Environment

Chapter 20.   National Security Policymaking
Chapter 21    The New Face of State and Local Government


            Supreme Court Decisions